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14 Saw Blade

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Amana Tool 614108-30...

SKU: 614108-30

Amana Tool 614108-30 Carbide Tipped Trim 14 Inch D x 108T ATB, 10 Deg, 30MM Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…It is especially suited to trimming and sizing veneers and laminates, in single sheets or in stacks. Alternate top bevel grind and high tooth counts produce excellent, chip free cuts. The 10 Degree hook angle provides effortless feeding. Carbide Tipped.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


AGE Series MD14-840...

SKU: MD14-840

AGE Series MD14-840 Carbide Tipped Cut-Off and Crosscut 14 Inch D x 84T ATB, 10 Deg, 1 Inch Bore, Circular Saw Blade

Cut-Off & Crosscut Saw Blades Carbide tipped ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) General cut-off & trimming of soft/hardwoods, plywood, wood veneer (top) No. "5"These blades are designed for smooth crosscuts in a variety of materials from hardwoods, softwoods and sheet stock including…


Amana Tool 614109-30...

SKU: 614109-30

Amana Tool 614109-30 Carbide Tipped Fine Cut-Off and Crosscut 14 Inch D x 108T TCG, 10 Deg, 30MM Bore, Circular Saw Blade

Saw Blade Application: Trimming, and single or double-sided veneered and plastic laminated panels.Please note tool #610801C is coated with Electro-Blu Non-Stick Coating.Ideal for cutting materials with fragile surface layers, like veneers and laminates. High tooth count yield smooth finishes. The…


AGE Series MD7-608...

SKU: MD7-608

AGE Series MD7-608 Carbide Tipped Solid Surface 7-1/4 Inch D x 60T M-TCG, 0 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…degrades the cut and shortens tool life. The blade is suitable for a variety of saw configurations. Its zero degree hook angle virtually eliminates self feeding when it is used with a radial arm saw.Please note #610721C is coated with Electro-Blu Non-Stick Coating.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


AGE Series MD7-505...

SKU: MD7-505

AGE Series MD7-505 Carbide Tipped Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals 7-1/4 Inch D x 50T TCG, -5 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…such as plastic, PVC tubing, fiberglass, and fiberglass PCB board.WARNING!: Never attempt to cut ferrous metals with these blades. Clamp down the work piece.For optimal results and extended saw blade sharpness use blade wax, mist lubricant system or air cooling.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


AGE Series MD7-402...

SKU: MD7-402

AGE Series MD7-402 Carbide Tipped Industrial Plastic 7-1/4 Inch D x 40T M-TCG, -2 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…chip-weldinga melting of the materialis a concern.But not with these carbide tipped non-melt saw blades! The modified triple-chip grind and 2negative hook angle produces less heat than a standard blade, leaving acrisp, smooth edge.Designed to cut the following materials: Plastic Acrylonitrile…


AGE Series STL355-72...

SKU: STL355-72

AGE Series STL355-72 Carbide Tipped Steel Cutting 14 Inch D x 72T M-TCG, 1 Inch Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…low RPM chop saws only. For use with low RPM chop saws only. Steel Cutting Blades can only be used on dry-cutting chop saws like Jepson™, so long as the recommended RPM is not surpassed. Ganging of materials being cut is not recommended & damage to machinery, saw blades or serious injury…


AGE Series DB7-140...

SKU: DB7-140

AGE Series DB7-140 Carbide Tipped Fireman's Demolition 7-1/4 Inch D x 14T FT -5 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…the blade. For the above mentioned reasons, Amana Tool(r) does not authorize the use of the carbide tipped circular saw blades on all gas powered cutting-off machines, and, in fact, strongly warns against it. Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Timberline 72524...

SKU: 72524

Timberline 72524 Carbide Tipped Ti-Cut General Purpose 7-1/4 Inch D x 24T ATB, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

Heat-treated, hand-hammered bodies and large carbide tips, these blades are designed for the do-it-yourself market and contractors. Low retail price, very economical.Carbide-Tipped.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Timberline 640-240...

SKU: 640-240

Timberline 640-240 Turbo Diamond 7-7-1/4 Inch D 5/8 Bore with 7/8" Diamond Knockout, Circular Diamond Saw Blade

…These diamond saw blades are sintered with a serrated cutting edge to stay in constant contact with the material and produce a smoother cut than the segmented blades. They have a longer life than the continuous rim blades. They are circular steel blades with diamond…


Timberline 640-140...

SKU: 640-140

Timberline 640-140 Continuous Rim Diamond 7-7-1/4 Inch D 5/8" Bore with 7/8" Diamond knockout, Circular Diamond Saw Blade

Timberline saw blades provide the smoothest cut by ultra smooth chip-free cutting in ceramic tiles, marble and porcelain! These saw blades are circular steel blades with diamond impregnated grit on the rim. The rims contain a mixture of metal powder,…