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Amana Tool 203202...

SKU: 203202

Amana Tool 203202 Carbide Tipped Hinge Boring Bit R/H 20mm D x 70mm Long x 10mm SHK

Boring machines (10mm shank) and drill presses (3/8" shank).


Amana Tool RC-2304...

SKU: RC-2304

Amana Tool RC-2304 CNC Insert Straight Cutter Up & Down Shear Flutes 20mm(25/32) D x 50mm CH x 3/4 SHK Router Bit

Insert straight router cutter complete with two up and down shear flutes and center tip.Shear flutes squeeze the material into the middle to give an extra fine finish on both surfaces of laminated and veneered board. Replaceable inserts ensure a constant cutting diameter and finish quality. Center…


Amana Tool RC-47104...

SKU: RC-47104

Amana Tool RC-47104 In-Tech Insert Carbide Flush Trim 1/2 D x 20mm CH x 1/4 Inch SHK Router Bit

Amana Tool's NEW in-Tech Series insert router bits provides all woodworkers access to the industrial-grade technology at an affordable price. RC-47104 includes two insert knives.Benefits of the new in-Tech Series include: Priced comparably to brazed router bits with at least 4 times longer tool…


Amana Tool RC-47104...

SKU: RC-47104

Amana Tool RC-47104 Insert Flush Trim 1/2 D x 20mm CH x 1/4 SHK x 2-5/16 Inch Long Router Bit w/ Lower Ball Bearing

Excellent for template work! Use these flush trimming bits for laminate work or for template and pattern work. For template application, the bearing follows the template, while the cutting edges trim the workpiece. Withthe router hand held, the template is on the bottom of the work. With a…


Amana Tool RCK-262...

SKU: RCK-262


Floor King 63036...

SKU: 63036

Floor King 63036 Comparable to Roberts 10-47, 6-3/16 D x 36 Teeth x 20mm Concave Bore x ATB Grind Designed for 10-46 & 10-55 Jamb/Undercut Saws (Jamby Saws), Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

Floor King Carbide Tipped Concave Bore Saw Blade For Roberts Jamb/Undercut Saws (Jamby Saws) #10-46 & #10-55These 20mm concave bore saw blades are comparable to Roberts saw blade #10-47-6 (#63020) and #10-47-2 (#63036).With carbide-tippedteeth, this blade easily cuts though tough wood, making…


AGE Series MD160-480...

SKU: MD160-480

AGE Series MD160-480 Track Saw Machine Compatible Carbide Tipped Crosscut Saw Blade 160mm D x 48T ATB, 5 Deg, 20mm Bore,

Comparable to the OriginalFestool SpecificationsPresenting a full line of Festool (and other track saw machines) compatiblesaw blades for aluminum, building panels, laminate, solid surface, softplastics, fine crosscut in sheet goods, melamine, wood and more. Saw blades for Festool machinesare…


Timberline 120-300...

SKU: 120-300

Timberline 120-300 Carbide Tipped General Purpose 4-3/8 - 4+1/2 Inch D x 30T ATB, 20 Deg, 20MM Bore, Circular Saw Blade

This blade is designed for small portable electric and battery powered cordless saws.Carbide-Tipped.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Amana Tool 203201...

SKU: 203201

Amana Tool 203201 Carbide Tipped Hinge Boring Bit R/H 20mm D x 57mm Long x 10mm SHK

10mm ShankFor European style concealed hinges. Includes side cutting "spurs" for fast, clean boring.


Amana Tool BU-122...

SKU: BU-122

Amana Tool BU-122 High Precision Steel Serrated Saw Blade Reduction Bushing 1 D x 20mm Bore x 0.097 Inch Thick Kerf, Made in Germany

High Precision Steel Saw Blade Reduction Bushings, "Made in Germany"Most bushings have serrations on the outside diameter edge to provide a better grip and fit.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


AGE Series MD120-T12...

SKU: MD120-T12

AGE Series MD120-T12 Carbide Tipped Adjustable Type Scoring 120MM D x 24T ATB, 12 Deg, 20MM Bore, Scoring Set

Used on panel saws or sliding table saws with separate scoring units for chip-free cuts on both sides of the material. Adjustable scoring sets consist of two 12-tooth saw blades with shims to adjust the kerf width (2.8mm to 3.6mm). Used in combination with Amana Tool&39;s industrial saw blades…


Amana Tool 201020...

SKU: 201020

Amana Tool 201020 Carbide Tipped Brad Point Boring Bit R/H 20mm D x 57mm Long x 10mm SHK

Industrial Brad Point Boring Bits are Coated with a Non-Stick Coating for Longer Lasting Cutting Edge and Tool Life. Amana Tool dowel drills are coated with a special Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a non-stick color coating. In cases where the carbide tip cutting edges are coated, there is no need…