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Timberline 270-16...

SKU: 270-16

Timberline 270-16 Slotting Cutter Assembly 3 Wing x 1-7/8 D x 1/4 CH x 1/4 Inch SHK Router Bit

Groove edges for T-moldings, splines or biscuits, and other purposes. Route tongue and groove joinery. Slotting cutters are available with either 2 wing or 3 wing cutters. Each assembly includes a cutter, bearing for a 1/2" deep cut and arbor. Use with all handheld and table mounted routers.


Amana Tool 67149...

SKU: 67149

Amana Tool 67149 M5x12 Flat Head Hex Screw 3/8 Hex Dia x 1/2 Inch Long for 48200

Replacement Parts for Item #48200, Carbide Tipped Plastic Trim Saw Blade and Arbor CNC SystemParts sold individually.


Timberline 270-62...

SKU: 270-62

Timberline 270-62 Slotting Cutters 3-Wing 1/2 D x 2-5/8 Long Arbor with Nuts and Washer

Replacement parts for Multi 3-Wing Slot Cutter Set


Amana Tool 55253...

SKU: 55253

Amana Tool 55253 Carbide Tipped Mortising Screw Cutter 1/2 D x 0.885 CH 1/4-28 Thread

…in a standard router if mounted on a separate arbor. For 1/4" shank use arbor #47611.For 1/2" shank use arbor #47614.#55255 uses arbor #47616.View all available Threaded Arbors for Screw Type Mortising Cutters.Please note that these are the cutters only! The below tools do not include the arbors.


Amana Tool STF-4...


Amana Tool STF-4 Pair of Blade Stabilizers 4 Inch D x 5/8 Bore

…and vibration. Please note that the depth of cut will be reduced slightly and the table insert (if applicable) may obstruct the stabilizers when raising the blade height on table saws. You may use one or two stabilizers, depending on application and arbor length.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Amana Tool 48200...

SKU: 48200

Amana Tool 48200 Carbide Tipped Plastic Trim 4 Dia x 20 Teeth x TCG Grind x 1/2 Shank x 3-1/4 Inch Long Saw Blade and Arbor CNC System

100% Flash MountingCarbide Tipped Plastic Trim Saw Blade and Arbor CNC System, designed for trimming and grooving hard and soft plastics. Carbide tipped 20 Teeth x Grind TCG x Hook Angle 0 Right hand rotation cuttingExcellent for Cutting: Hard & Soft Plastics High Impact…


Amana Tool 47612 1/2...

SKU: 47612


Amana Tool 47706...

SKU: 47706

Amana Tool 47706 Steel Ball Bearing Guide 1/2 Overall D x 3/16 Inner D x 3/16 Height

EZ Change 10 and 15 Tapered/Bevel Router BitsQuickly&easily change cutters without removing arbor from the router! Carbidetipped cutters are mounted on alloy steel arbors with hex driveto eliminate slipping. Save money by replacing only the cutters whenthe knives become dull, instead of…