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Amana Tool 48200...

SKU: 48200

Amana Tool 48200 Carbide Tipped Plastic Trim 4 Dia x 20 Teeth x TCG Grind x 1/2 Shank x 3-1/4 Inch Long Saw Blade and Arbor CNC System

100% Flash MountingCarbide Tipped Plastic Trim Saw Blade and Arbor CNC System, designed for trimming and grooving hard and soft plastics. Carbide tipped 20 Teeth x Grind TCG x Hook Angle 0 Right hand rotation cuttingExcellent for Cutting: Hard & Soft Plastics High Impact…


Amana Tool MB10800...

SKU: MB10800

Amana Tool MB10800 Carbide Tipped Double-Face Melamine 10 Inch D x 80T H-ATB, -6 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…& laminate cutting saw blades Provides incredibly smooth chip-free cuts Thick plate with copper plugs practically eliminates vibration Carbide tipped, easily resharpened Please note #MB10800C and #MB12960C are coated with Electro-Blu Non-Stick Coating.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Timberline 640-260...

SKU: 640-260

Timberline 640-260 Turbo Diamond 10 Inch D 5/8 Bore, Circular Diamond Saw Blade

Ideal for cutting concrete, brick, pavers, slate, granite and marble! These diamond saw blades are sintered with a serrated cutting edge to stay in constant contact with the material and produce a smoother cut than the segmented blades. They…


Amana Tool 675600...

SKU: 675600

Amana Tool 675600 Carbide Tipped Trim 7 Inch D x 60T ATB, 10 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

Suitable for use on table saws, sliding table saws, radial arm saws, and miter saws of all types. Leaves a super smooth finish when cutting hard or softwood. It is especially suited to trimming and sizing veneers and laminates, in single sheets or in stacks. Alternate top bevel grind and high…


AGE Series MD7-400...

SKU: MD7-400

AGE Series MD7-400 Carbide Tipped Cut-Off and Crosscut 7 Inch D x 40T ATB, 12 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

Cut-Off & Crosscut Saw Blades Carbide tipped ATB (Alternate Top Bevel) General cut-off & trimming of soft/hardwoods, plywood, wood veneer (top) No. "5"These blades are designed for smooth crosscuts in a variety of materials from hardwoods, softwoods and sheet stock including…


Timberline 135-300...

SKU: 135-300

Timberline 135-300 Carbide Tipped General Purpose 5-3/8 - 5-1/2 Inch D x 30T ATB, 15 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blades

This blade is designed for small portable electric and battery powered cordless saws.Carbide-Tipped.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Timberline 215-400...

SKU: 215-400

Timberline 215-400 Carbide Tipped General Purpose 8-1/4 Inch D x 40T ATB, 20 Deg, 5/8 Diamond knockout Bore, Circular Saw Blade

Ideal blade for framing work (rip & crosscuts). Perfect general purpose use blade for 8-1/4" side-winder and/or worm drive saws.Carbide-Tipped.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Amana Tool 692400...

SKU: 692400

Amana Tool 692400 Carbide Tipped General Purpose 9 Inch D x 24T ATB, 15 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular saw Blade

…ripping and crosscutting of hardwoodsand softwoods in a range of thicknesses, with occasional cutting ofplywood and other man-made materials mixed in.Lower hook angle improves the surface quality of the cut, increases the feed pressure required.Carbide-Tipped.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Amana Tool 516121...

SKU: 516121

Amana Tool 516121 Carbide Tipped Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals 16 Inch D x 120T TCG, -6 Deg, 1 Inch Bore, Circular Saw Blade

Carbide tipped saw blades for cutting relatively thin-walled aluminum, Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) and non-ferrous metal bars. The negative hook angle, triple-chip grind and thick plate combine to produce a superior finish Cut extrusions and profilesExcellent for cutting: Aluminium…


Floor King 55036...

SKU: 55036

Floor King 55036 Comparable to Crain 556, 5-1/2 D x 36 Teeth x 22.22mm Concave Bore x ATB Grind Designed for 555 Multi-Undercut Saw, Carbide Tipped Saw Blade

Floor King Carbide Tipped Saw Blade with Concave Bore for Crain Multi-Undercut Saw #555This saw blade is comparable to Crain saw blade #556.Due to the bell-shaped rigid design, this concave bore, carbide-tipped blade is for use ONLY with Crain multi-undercut saw #555. Use to fully undercut inside…


Amana Tool 610504...

SKU: 610504

Amana Tool 610504 Carbide Tipped Combination Ripping and Crosscut 10 Inch D x 50T 4+1, 15 Deg, 5/8 Bore, Circular Saw Blade

…choice. Features the time-tested combination blade design of four alternate top bevel teeth with a flat-top raker. The large gullets at the raker tooth allow deep cuts with improved chip ejection.Please note #610504C is coated with Electro-Blu Non-Stick Coating.Safety Guidelines for Saw Blades.


Amana Tool SS100T20...

SKU: SS100T20

Amana Tool SS100T20 Carbide Tipped Conical Type Scoring 100MM D x 20T ATB, 8 Deg, 20MM Bore Saw Blade

…to 5.4mm). Select a scoring blade witha range matching your main blades kerf width. Use in combination only with our 7 series industrial saw blades (#714721, #716961, etc.) Use also in combination with the new DITEC panel saw blades Carbide-TippedSafety Guidelines for Saw Blades.